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Our J75 have  a flexible sole made of rubber and sometime  synthetic material and an upper part made of leather and  canvas. They include a flexible sole, with a unique tread for the function, and ability to absorb high impact. This flexible compounds, typically featuring in the sole is made of  very dense rubber. The J75 shoe bottom rubber is made of many compounds including  natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and a part fillers dyes and some chemical stabilizers.To make rubber the compounds in powder form are mixed forming a material like chewing gum.  This gum rubber is then cooked in molds to make the shoe bottoms. The J75 are super comfortable able  to fit well the  foot strike of the user.  They also are extremely light and flexible, they try to mimic the bare foot, while providing slightly more traction and ankle support than other shoes of similar shape.

The J75 have  stitched together the pieces of the upper lining , as well as the welt to the upper outsole cushioning material; giving them that enduring robustness  that are know for. From the time  when a designer starts drawing to a new  J75 shoe, it can take up to about 18 months until it’s in the store.

We specially carry:

  •  High-tops cover the ankle.
  • Low-tops do not cover the ankle.
  • Mid-cut are in-between high-tops and low-tops.
  • With a great variety of colors,  call the store for the latest.

The J75 have  have become an important part of hip hop culture.   Presently, numerous rappers  have endorsed   major brands shoes and J75 is one of such.  Also our J75 a considered prize by collectors, and  used as fashionable item. J75 has build a presence now in over 35 countries. J75 is a brand for consumers that want  to get noticed and stand out from the crowds ad affordable prices; the brand tailors individuals that look at details often overlooked by many others competitors.


Unlace your shoes. You want to clean the laces separately from the actual J75. Clean off any excess mud or dirt that can be brushed off easily.

  •       Use a brush to get the initial surface layers of dirt off.
  •       Take a Q-Tip or pin and use it to get inside the grooves of your sneakers. This will remove any mud or dirt built up inside them.
  •       You can also take a cotton ball and moist it rubbing it over. Go over the surface of your J75 with it one final time. This should remove most of the obvious dirt and material.
  •       Use  good  cleaning kit water can be used;  but is not recommended.