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We have in store  many traditional  ROAR  shirts,  with a collar, and a full-length opening at the front from the collar to the bottom, and many  other design as well – with colors and shapes that cannot all be represented here. Choosing the finest fabric is only the starting point for what makes our Roar shirts special. Infinite  care and attention  goes into every stitch.

Only the finest quality shirts carry by ‘Moist Melrose‘ is what you’ll find on every one of our Roar shirts. Call now to find out more about our men’s wear consultancy and personal shopping service.

If you find yourself stuck in a conundrum, require some assistance in helping identify your own personal style,  you are only a telephone call or an email away. Consideration to your appearance is essential. video


Its important when you wash:
  • Before washing, make sure you undo all the buttons. This will reduce the strain on the stitches holding the buttons in place.
  • When washing, your Roar shirt  make sure you turn all shirts inside out. This not only protects the buttons from chipping  when hitting  the steel drum of the washing machine, but will enables the soap powder to work directly on under-arm stains.
  • Its important to wash  your Roar shirt in water at a temperature of 104F to 140F,  but always make sure making sure you first read the washing instructions on the label of your shirt.
  • After you have finally finished  washing,  it is recommended to dry the shirt on a line or in an airing cupboard. This will favorably  prolong the life of the shirt. We recommend not to tumble dry to avoid wear on the collar from the steel drum.
When ironing:
  • Same Roar  shirt need not ironing  but same may benefit from ironing. When this is the case:
  • Generally speaking , we don’t recommend using a steam iron. Make sure you set the temperature dial of the iron to cotton.
  • Start ironing from : collar, cuffs, sleeves, shoulders, front panels leaving the back of the shirt to be ironed last. Then go to parts that have become creased during ironing, and go over these.
  • Collar should be damp on both sides. Begin by ironing the back of the collar until its flat and dry.
  • Iron the sleeve of your Roar shirt  from the top down to the cuff, creating a crease if you want one. Make sure that whenever you iron a shirt all the buttons are unbuttoned.
  • Once the Roar shirt is ironed, slip it onto a hanger, fasten the top button and leave it to air. This will allow any leftover moisture to evaporate as well as minimize creasing.
  • Hang your Roar shirt on a supportive hanger such as a wooden one or a thicker plastic one. If the hanger has firm shoulders, it will prevent unsightly bumps. Wire hangers are not recommended for your Roar  shirts.